Pippin – The reviews are in!

Pippin is currently playing at the Sydney Lyric Theatre and has been wonderfully received by critics. Book at Ticketmaster.

“The extraordinary Lucy Maunder emerges as one of the highlights of the night as the widow Catherine. She is one of our very best musical theatre talents, and despite only appearing in the second half of the show, she makes every second on stage utterly captivating.” – TimeOut

“As the widow Catherine, Lucy Maunder is the heart and soul of the show, anchoring it emotionally. She gives a beautiful, understated performance. Her scenes with Melham, and Ryan Yeates who played her son Theo on opening night, are genuinely touching, and she sings gloriously.” – Limelight

“Pippin does have a heart, and it’s carried by both Melham’s wistful performance and Lucy Maunder’s surprisingly lovely, open-hearted take on Catherine, the widowed mother who falls for Pippin. She grounds the show; she reaches out to our softer parts. She gives us a few moments to catch our breath and feel some real emotion, with her softer songs that are balanced with stronger emotional conviction.” – The Guardian

“But it’s Pippin’s ultimate love, Catherine (Lucy Maunder) who tugs at your emotional heartstrings”  – Scenestr

“This was drawn out of him, in particular, by Lucy Maunder in the role of the widow Catherine, who delivers a genuine warmth on stage.” – Arts Hub

“This is particularly prevalent as she controls the show’s own implosion in the second act; a missed opportunity for humour and pathos which ultimately allows Maunder’s Catherine to steal much of the show.” – theaureview

“Also humorous is Lucy Maunder, who plays love interest Catherine, remarkably timed and splendidly confident with the quirky comedy that she brings.” – Suzygoessee

“There is rescue at hand with Lucy Maunder’s Catherine, the resourceful woman who saves Pippin. At last, a little genuine emotion comes to the fore.” – The Australian